Creatrix (creative curriculum)


2021 School for Tibetan Buddhist Art, Amsterdam
Course ‘White Tara’ and ‘Coloring techniques’ under the guidance of Carmen Mensink

2020 Wageningen
Masterclass Botanical drawing ‘Bulbs and Tubers’
4-day course under the guidance of Jenny Post

2019 Laudius, Venlo
A Year course Calligraphy under the guidance of Mary Koperdraat

2019 Wageningen
Masterclass Botanical Drawing ‘Branches and Buds’
4-day course under the guidance of Jenny Post

2018 Wageningen
Masterclass Botanical Drawing ‘White Flowers’
4-day course under the guidance of Jenny Post

2017 The Berry Garden, Brucht
Botanical drawing of Blueberries, guided by Eline de Jong

2017 Gardens Mien Ruys, Dedemsvaart
Botanical drawing with colored pencil (yellow tulip), under the guidance of Eline de Jong

2016 Museum The Black Tulip, Lisse
Botanical drawing with colored pencil (bean), guided by Jenny Post

2016 Hortus Alkmaar
Getting acquainted with botanical drawing (cabbage leaf in graphite), under the guidance of Margriet Honingh

2012-2013 Maitreya Institute Netherlands, Amsterdam
Semi-annual course Thanka Shamata, supervised by Carmen Mensink

2002 Quay workshops, Utrecht
Workshop Expressive painting, with acrylic paint

1998 Blue et Vert, France, Autun
(Week) workshop Sculpting with Soapstone under the guidance of Anne Bontje

1999 Utrecht Center for the Arts
Course Oil and acrylic painting under the guidance of Gerard Olsthoorn

? Outdoor art, Randmeer
3D art (mobile making, ‘Bird’) & Percussion workshop

1996 Ideafix, Antwerp
Drawing course

1994 De Uitwijk, Utrecht
Oil painting course guided by Eddy

1991 Music Center, Delft
Watercolor painting course supervised by Jaap Slob

1982-1988 Bouwens van der Boye College, Panningen
Drawing lessons and Art History, VWO final exam, teacher Suus Willemse


2014-2015 Saswitha, Bilthoven
Semi-annual training: cooking according to Ayurveda guidelines, under the guidance of Mariëlle Glorie

2013 De Cruydthof, Tricht
Workshop ‘Edible Flowers’, supervised by Petra Kaak

2013 CateringPaula, Zeist
Workshop ‘Plant-Nice food’, supervised by Paula Middendorp

2011 – 2012 Renée Brabers, Houten
Semi-annual training ‘Vedic cooking’, under the guidance of Renée Brabers

2010 PinkPepper, Utrecht
Workshop ‘Making tapas’

2008 Simon Levelt, Haarlem
Course ‘The good taste of Coffee & Tea’, supervised by judge Theo Braak

2008 Regional Center Stork Village Liesvelt, Greater Ammers
Organic gardening

2015-2016 Houtens Music Collective, Houten
Ensemble Klez & Zo under the guidance of Kirsten van Veen

2011-2015 Utrecht Recorder Orchestra Day
2015, under the guidance of Eva Gemeinhardt
2012, under the guidance of María Martines Ayerza
2011, under the guidance of Jan Goorissen

2009-2012 Houtens Music Collective, Houten
Private lessons Soprano, Alto, Tenor recorder and Sopranino
Ensemble The Blue Timbertones
under the guidance of Pauline Schenkelaars

1998-1999 Utrecht
Private lessons Soprano recorder under the guidance of Suzanne Gubbels

2012 – 2013 Houtens Music Collective, Houten
Private Singing Lesson under the guidance of Ri-Jean Mertens

2012-2013 Water of Speech, Houten
Speech therapy under the guidance of Marlein van Alphen

2005 Street Theater Academy Cyrano, Tilburg
Playing and dancing with the audience under the guidance of Ralph Kolen

2005 Utrecht Center for the Arts, Utrecht
Course Singing and Voice Improvisation under the guidance of Ank Meyer

2004 Vocal Toolbox, Amsterdam
Private lessons Voice technique for Street theater under the guidance of Alet Wildmann

2003 Story Theater Days, Utrecht
Workshop Acting is doing! under the guidance of Peter Faber

2003 Alexander Technique Practice, Mijdrecht
Private lessons Alexander Technique under the guidance of Wilberd Bakker

2002 PassePartout Foundation, Utrecht
Time, Space, Meaning course guided by Lorna Marshall

2002 Circus Poehaa, Utrecht
Workshop Physical characters under the guidance of René Hildesheim

2001 Parnassos, Utrecht
Storytelling course guided by Caroline Kramer

2000 Cultural Center Lombok Mondiaal, Utrecht
Multicultural theater project Stories from my neighbors under the supervision of Raymond van den Boestert.

2000 Spring dance , Utrecht, 2000
Workshop Dance improvisation under the guidance of Peggy Olislaegers

1999 Parnassos, Utrecht
How does my voice work under the guidance of Persephone Abbott and Crissman Taylor

1998 Parnassos, Utrecht
Alexander Technique course supervised by Crissman Taylor

1997 Speech therapy practice Binnenstad & Lunetten, Utrecht
under the guidance of Rineke Mudde

1997 Institute for Media and Re/presentation, Utrecht
Writing for theater course supervised by Thomas Verbogt

1996 Creatheater, Amsterdam
Workshop Scenography supervised by N Arnold

1995 STUTtheater, Utrecht
Scene writing course supervised by Jos Bours

1995 Theater Festival, Amsterdam
Workshop Scene study supervised by Mirjam Koen

1995 Outdoor art, Randmeer
Workshop Percussion under the guidance of Martin Verdonck

1995 Parnassos, Utrecht
African dance course supervised by Elly van Berkel

1994 Theater Production Office, Utrecht
Dalcroze Method course under the guidance of Jutta Martola

1992 Cultural Center Het Korenhuis, The Hague
Course Writing plays under the supervision of Joep van Egmond.