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I am happy to tell you about the research I do in my studio. If my work makes you curious, I would like to welcome you to my gallery at home.

Portret van een Roodborstje van Atelier Annette van der Swaluw op de voorpagina van haar website. Ze heeft een atelier en galerie aan huis met tekeningen en schilderijen, voornamelijk in kleurpotlood en walnootinkt.
2022 Portrait of a Robin | Atelier Annette van der Swaluw

I am a passionate, highly sensitive, enthusiastic artist & doran. Since childhood I have been aware that I am part of creation. I have a deep connection with animals, trees, plants and the universe. And with people. However, I had to discover that as a human being I am also one with the homo sapiens, just one of the mammals, and that is still subject to research :-).

Artist Statement

In my artwork I strive to show a glimpse of the beauty of creation. I am well aware of the many wrongs in the world. With my drawings I hope to contribute to joy, harmony and wonder. Colored pencil is my expertise and I like to work with self-prepared walnut ink. Both are excellent for detailed and refined work. My style is influenced by botanical art, Eastern and Western calligraphy and (Indian) miniatures.

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    Atelier Annette van der Swaluw
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