Namasté beautiful, highly sensitive, gifted spiritual being!

The aim of my work is to touch your heart and mind with my love, gratitude and joy.

I’m a passionate, highly sensitive artist. My drawings are detailed, refined and harmonious. It is my intention that my works of art appeal to you as doorways to ‘the other realm’. This is what I call sacred: something truly beautiful, be it an artwork, music or in nature that opens up your heart and uplifts your mind. My work is influenced by Botanical art, Indian miniature painting and Tibetan Buddhist thangka art. In the drawing lessons that I offer it is my deepest intention that you leave my atelier inspired and revived.

I look forward to getting to know you better! Walk with me for a while, get a little closer to our shared quest.

Until we meet again, stay happy and healthy.

~ We are on our path together ~

If you are not longing to draw, but feel drawn to my way of working, I would be very grateful if you consider to support my work financially (according to ability). In this way you make it possible that I continue my devotional craft.

If the button doesn’t work, your support for this purpose can be made via Paypal, using the emailadress:
sacredart(at)annettevanderswaluw.nl (Please note: use a ‘@’ instead of ‘(at)’)
or the link: https://paypal.me/sacredartatelier

= Thank you! =