Annette van der Swaluw-Winkelmolen was born in the Netherlands (1970) and her studio is located in Houten, near Utrecht.

2021 © Annette van der Swaluw

She started in 2001 as an independent theater maker under the name Theater ZinneMinne with street and story theatre. With Theater ZinneMinne she has explored her fascination for the senses and sensory experiences. Every living being is more or less guided or misled by what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste. But how aware are we of this? This was followed by a period of relative artistic calm from 2008 to 2013, working within nature conservation. In 2014 she resumed her artistry under the name Het Kruidenpalet. The Ayurvedic philosophy was the starting point of her drawings, cooking and jewelry design. As of 2019, the emphasis of her work is on drawings in colored pencil and ink. Since then she has been working under the name Atelier Annette van der Swaluw.