White Tara drawing

According to tradition one may draw or paint the eyes of the (female) Buddha until the Thangka is as good as finished. I devoted myself to the White Tara, because she inspires me already more than 15 years. It was só exciting to ‘open up’ her eyes. It really felt as an awakening. I dedicated this thangka to specific loved ones, to myself and to the wellbeing of all sentient living beings.

It felt very fortunate that Carmen Mensink offered the possibility to draw the White Tara online her School for Tibetan Buddhist Art. It was so enjoyable ánd valuable for my Buddhist and drawing practice to work with her again after nine years! I have experienced the course as an in-depth retreat. Her carefully designed teaching material, together with her constructive feedback, the mantras and beautiful meditation on White Tara make this drawing a real Sadhana.

= Thank you! =

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